Friday, April 20, 2012

Xavier's Birthday

Hey jammers, this boy's older sis is organizing a surprise b-day party for him, be sure to put in on your calenders!

When: April 30th 7:00pm - 9:00pm AJS time
Why: Little Brother's 4th Birthday
Where: singingsuperstar's den
Theme: Blue
Presents needed: No
Host(s): singingsuperstar,alex656,luckypenny, ikeyspikey, backflipz
For: firemansamisawesome

"Thank you and please help make my little brother have his dream come true!"


  1. What place do you live? Cause I live in the pacific time area. And I want to know what time is "7:00" in pacific time area. Oh, could you just delete one buddy that you almost never see, so I could buddy you? My user is chu714.

  2. aw so sweet!i'll so be there! i will even make a gmail reminder :P

    could you buddy me too? :)

  3. omg Anonymous! you're so mean! snowyclaw won't ever buddy you!

  4. Come on! We have to have SOME hope she will buddy us, ok?!?! I mean, she says she doesn't NORMALLY delete a buddy! Ppl STILL try to buddy her! At least I wasn't like:het snowyclaw! You have to buddy me NOW!at least I wasn't like THAT! Your mean too! EVERY day is a bad day for me! Even my FRIENDS don't ever play much with me!

  5. -groan-