Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Jamaasian Protest

"Let's hold a protest on the rock at Canyons Pathway! My friend, BigCatsRock101, met a guide while protesting his heart out.  Maybe, if we can get enough people, we can get a guide and tell them directly!  Hm... ah!" ~Fire66300

Date: May 6-12
Time: 10:00am - 3:00pm AJS time
Server: Kama (Nile if full)
Where: Canyon Pathway
Host: Fire66300
Theme: Tell AJHQ that we want AJ and Crystal Sands back!!!


  1. BigCatsRock101's a girl, actually. But she did do that.
    Hurrah! Let's.

  2. The Crystal Sands means a lot too me! The one with water slides! It came out on my birthday! I'm not kidding! It really means a lot too me!

  3. I so miss the crystal sands. AJHQ is humanizing animal jam! soon it will be a amusement park! I just missed the protest. :(

  4. snowy im having a dragon party on this frieday, AJ time 4:00pm. could you post it? It's at my den, dress like a dragon.

  5. I was gone that whole week! Could we maybe do another? I'd like to do a party but I can't sign in (up I meant up) Until I'm a teen! (13) So sorry peoples!


  6. yay eghuds! I'm pac10 (foxface, dancing vonmoon) and Animal Jam Expert- you are right! Let's stand up and let this NOT become a amusment park!

    -pac10 who now has new strength to FIGHT

  7. Hi everybody! i know a glitch on how 2 get on a full server :)Just click a full server's name! it only works for members though :(! bye for now


  8. Dear people,
    I love your support for it!
    I'll host another.
    ~Fire66300 the Mira One

  9. I went to that protest. But i didnt see anyone :C