Monday, October 31, 2011

Day of the Phantom Party

Hey jammers! The Day of the Phantom party was a total success, thanks for the great turnout! I had a ton of fun, how about you guys? Here are some snapshots from our great time hanging out at my den. Also, congrats Medusa and Phantom Bunny for winning the costume contest!
Thanks again for coming everyone! I hope you all had as much fun as I did. Got any tips on how to make the party any better? And please note that I took the best pictures possible, I'm sorry if I cut you out of any pictures!


  1. Haha! That's me who was handing out free fries! That party was cool, Snowyclaw! See ya round Jamaa!

    -Medusa (Spino11)

  2. D': i wasnt there and now i feel worse. WWAAAAAAAA!

    ~Darling Wingedbird DX

  3. @Jammers
    There will be plenty more parties in the future jammmers!

  4. I LOVED THIS party i was the only nonmember there! but it was still epic!