Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Parties Galore!

Here are some more fun parties to attend!

Date: February 4th 
Time: 3-7pm AJS
Place: Mt. Shiveer campfire
Server: unknown
Host: devon78303

Date: Febuary 5th
Time: 4pm AJS
Place: snowyclaw's den
Host: missflo2

Hope you can come!


  1. yay sis got her party!

  2. Oh Snowyclaw. Could i host a party at my Princess castle den? On February 7th. Server Rockies if full comet If that's full than congo. 4:35 PM to 6:30 Pm Central time zone or AJs time zone witch ever works beat for you. Please reply. :)

  3. May i have a party at my den please?
    Server: draa
    place:snowclaws den
    Theme: Do you have a princess or just a castle?
    time/date: Feburary 9 or 10 at 2:00-5:30 ajs time please if thats ok!

  4. @howrse2000
    I'm sorry! I totally procrastinated in posting all the parties that people have asked for, can you give me more time next time? Sorry!