Monday, January 23, 2012

pieluver32 and dragons4evr

Hey jammers, pieluver32 and dragons4evr are having parties!

Date: January 28th (Saturday)
Time: 5:00 pm (AJS time)
Place: pieluver32's den
Server: Tigris
Date: January 31th (Tuesday)
Time: 5:00 pm (AJS time)
Place: dragons4evr's den
Server: Draa

Hope you can go! Have an amazing time. ^.^


  1. 1 bad thing.Wht if the server Tigris is full?Wht well the people that wanna go can't go cause of that?
    Again same thing on the party below it.Come on guys ya always have a back up server in case.

  2. @TheHowler
    Actually, they gave me backup servers, but I didn't post them. The thing is, it doesn't really matter which server you're on for a den party, it's all one den... I think. XP

  3. your right, snowy!

  4. I don't know if I can come. I might still be in school, or getting out, because itll be four at my house. Hmm, I'll try my best to make it.