Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lyssie6329's Penguin Party

Come one, come all, to the penguin party of Jamaa!

Date: February 16th
Time: 5:00 pm AJS
Place: Lyssie6329's den
Theme: Penguin Party (dress warm)
Host: Lyssie6329
See you there jammers, let's hope the penguins are nonmember!


  1. Snowyclaw could i please have a party on the 25 of feburary?

    Date: Feburary 25
    Time: 2:00-8:00 ajs time
    Theame: tree house party!
    Server: draa, back up: ramu
    Host: howrse2000
    Place: snowyclaws den

  2. I also have one and I'm having trouble signing up for the spirit club. Here it is:

    Date: Febuary 29
    Time: 7:20 ajs time
    Theme: Frog Party, Leap Leap Year
    Server: Congo
    Host: Jammer1023
    Place: Appondale, Near Animal Museum

  3. WOAH! Good idea! I like the frog party! but how do you look like a frog?