Monday, February 20, 2012

Jammer and howrse

Hey jammers, more jamtastic parties on the way!

Date: Feburary 25
Time: 2:00-8:00 ajs time
Theme: tree house party!
Host: howrse2000
Place: snowyclaws den 

Date: Febuary 29
Time: 7:20 ajs time
Theme: Frog Party, Leap Leap Year
Server: Congo
Host: Jammer1023
Place: Appondale, Near Animal Museum 

Hope to see you there! Happy jamming.


  1. Snowyclaw? Is it AM or PM for both of the new party's?

  2. Can I ask which country AJS time is? Because the last time I checked it was the exact time as mine, and no I don't live in America. (Somewhere in Asia next to China and Korea yeah why am I saying this? XD)"
    Please tell meeeeese :)


    I can't stand it anymore my time is Japan time :D

  3. i can probably make it to at least the first one, if i don't forget, like i always do. I have only actually been to one of ur parties, and that was only a practice party during Halloween. XD I am very forgetful. lol

    Keep on keeping on!
    ~Darling Wingebird

  4. Hey Snowyclaw! Jammer1023 is back with a new party:

    Date: March 17
    Time: 12: 40 pm ajs time
    Theme: St. Patricks Day
    Server: Draa
    Place: Snowyclaw's Den
    Host: Jammer1023

  5. cool epic new party on he way please search me up nd buddy me my name is Ginballfam i am a member the party sounds cool but i hop eits ot like the pet party cuz that is lame! lol