Friday, March 9, 2012

Jammer1023's Party

Date: March 17
Time: 12: 40 pm ajs time
Theme: St. Patricks Day
Server: Draa
Place: Snowyclaw's Den
Host: Jammer1023 


  1. snowyclaw can i have a party?

    Date: March 16
    Theame: Before St.Patricks day party! :D
    server: Draa
    Place Snowyclaws den! :)
    Host: howrse2000

  2. Snowyclaw Im Your Best Friend Can I Have A Party

    ~lokithorrrrr's Birthday Party
    Date:March 15
    Time: 2:30am Aj's Time
    Theme: Lucky Clovers Plus Birthday Party of lokithorrrrr
    Server: Aldan
    Place: Club Geoz
    Host: lokithorrrrr Assistant Helpers: humpty, lance61979, charlescang. Please Attend Freebies Are Given. 1 rare item is given!

  3. hey snowy can i have a party? here are the details: Date:March 30 Time:5:30 Newfoundland time zone(whatever that isi asked my mom and thats her answer im not good with time lol) Theme: Jamaa Spirit(like sorta jamaasian tribal or something) Server:Nile Place:Snowyclaw's den(the most tribal den you can get) Host:Cisabella try to dress tribal( it's okay if ya cant)

  4. New Party!:

    Date: Easter
    Time: 8: 30 aj's time
    Theme: Easter
    Server: Congo and Aladan
    Place: Party replacing Lucky Party
    Host: Jammer1023